WOW! Moments at Sunshine Villa

Each resident is an individual—they have unique passions, dreams, and memories. As a part of the Blue Harbor mission, Sunshine Villa Senior Living seeks to create memorable moments for each and every resident. Whether a resident loves the opera or has always wanted to be a radio commentator, our staff finds a way to incorporate these dreams and passions into their experience at Sunshine Villa. Read on to learn about the most recent WOW! Moments at Sunshine Villa Senior Living!

Saddle Up

Visiting with Sunshine Villa resident, Clara, is always a delight. One day, the Tailored Preferences Coordinator, Antonia Barros, asked Clara if she remembered the last time she rode a horse. Clara said that she hadn’t ridden a horse since she was very young. She expressed interest in riding again but sounded hesitant due to her age. Although Clara had just celebrated her 96th birthday a couple of days before, Antonia was confident that Clara’s age would not prevent her from getting on a horse if she was given the opportunity [...]

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Up, Up, and Away!

One day, a member of our staff at Sunshine Villa was talking with resident, Art T. about Sunshine Villa’s WOW! Moments. They discussed what residents had done in the past and brainstormed what Art would like to for his special moment. She mentioned the idea of taking a helicopter ride. Immediately, Art’s face lit up with excitement. He said he had never ridden one and if he could do anything for his WOW! Moment, he would want to do this. After their conversation, she was determined to make Art’s desire to fly into a reality [...]

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Admiring the Redwoods

Sunshine Villa resident, Liz, lived in various national parks throughout her life. She and her husband helped forest rangers and crews supervise and maintain the parks for many years. Liz’s participation in preserving national parks gave her a deep interest and passion for the environment [...]

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Boat Safari Tour

Our Memory Care resident Ann W. loves the ocean. She and her husband used to take a boat out on the ocean regularly with their family, so our staff really wanted to re-create those memories for her. Our senior care staff made arrangements for Ann to go on an Elkhorn Slough Safari to see the nature reserve and wildlife in Moss Landing. We couldn’t wait to see her reaction when she got back on the water, and [...]

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Meeting Zoo Animals

One of our Assisted Living residents had some very specific items on his bucket list, and much to his surprise we were able to help him check those off in this once-in-a-lifetime WOW! Moment. David R. told us that he had always wanted to get up close to a tiger and be able to touch and feed an elephant. Sadly, he was resigned to the fact that he wouldn’t get to see these animals up close and said, “I guess I will die before I get to do these things.” At that point, we knew we had to fulfill his wishes. About a week later a senior care staff member contacted Vision Quest Zoo and explained [...]

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Live on the Air

Resident Kay Z. had been a radio commentator and dreamed of going back to the station. Our staff contacted our local Santa Cruz radio station and they arranged to have her visit. They graciously agreed, and Kay couldn’t wait to be back at this familiar place where she had spent [...]

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